Life after Fifty Plan & Thesis

What is the ideal to get and stay lean and prevent chronic disease? There are and have been many fad diets that limit food groups to get you lean in a short period of time; keto, paleo, and atkin to name a few.

There have been many fad diets that will show you some quick results only to fail do to it’s a diet ( die ) being the first three letters, it's just not sustainable long term in our culture, your lifestyle, and its to limiting.

The Lean and clean program is non of these. It's based on your individual CICO Calories in calories out formula. Its based a Real food, eating what our ancestors ate during paleolithic times before the agriculture revolution and the fast food processed craze took effect.

Currently the behavior and nutritional choices that many humans make in regard to there preventative health are incomparable with there ancient genetic makeup, and the result is sickness and obesity. Evolutionary, historical, anthropological and observational studies ( past and present ) of the hunters-gathers show they did not have Heart disease, cancer, diabetes, or other chronic degenerative diseases that afflict our society.

Tommy Tank is a LA based Fitness Expert, Nutrition Consultant, and Founder/Inventor of The TOMMYBELL & Lean & Clean Nutrition.