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The TommyBell


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The TommyBell Fitness Device is a patented three piece design, with all components of 304 Stainless Steel- making the density of the 304's device stay compact.

The long mirror polished handle and base design of the TommyBell is designed to conform to your hand to engage in your arms and not wrists. This makes it so no injuries or abrasions occur. 

The TommyBell Fitness Device comes in 6 different weights, ranging from 6kg/13.2lb to 20kg/44lb. Our precision balanced design allows ease of use- while carrying PORSCHE's premium design, look and feel.


❌ 300+ Year Old Technology

❌ Never designed as a fitness device

Ball Shape creates point contact & Injury on the wrist & arm

Handle not long enough

Material abrasive to skin

Device intimidating, It looks like it hurts!


✔️ Patented Three Piece Design

✔️ All components 304 Stainless Steel

✔️ Density of 304s keeps device compact

✔️ Handle conforms to your hand

✔️ Handle longer from .787 to 1.0” longer to engage in arm not wrist

✔️ Radius of base weight conforms to arm vs the blunt force of a ball

✔️ Handle mirror finish so no hand abrasions

✔️ Base design conforms to arm no wrist injury

✔️ Precision balanced design allows ease of use

✔️ PORSCHE premium design look & feel

Not sure what TommyBell Device you should start off with? Choose your gender, weight range, and fitness level to see your suggested TommyBell weight we recommend.

Disclaimer: These weights apply to men and women above 18 years of age. Please consult your physician before undergoing any fitness routine. These are only weight recommendations. Never try to work out with any fitness device that you are not trained to use, or if you do not feel comfortable.


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Since 1972 Porsche Design has been writing design history with products that combine technology, passion and performance. Our partnership follows a clear design in philosophy by optimizing function, also reducing the form down to the essentials and overcoming the familiarity to continually discover new and exceptional solutions.


Be Authentic. Be Bold. Be Pure.


- Tommy Tank

The future of Fitness.

Connected, Mobile, Aerobic, Anaerobic, Sexy & Fun.

The first ever- mobile strength training, fitness device.

We are enabling a full digital and quantified experience compatible with smartphones and watches. A smart Tommy Bell provides the user and coaches with “real-time” actionable performance metrics while conducting individual and instructor-led workouts.

Some features will include: Auto-detection of the TommyBell weight, exercises performed, peaks (acceleration/deceleration), your session intensity & duration, the asymmetry (L/R weight, speed & number of reps), the total amount of pounds lifted, the torque and muscles used.

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The TommyBell Device.

The TommyBell is the first and only designed & patented, three-piece AI Smart Kettle Bell Fitness Device. Walk away from the old and into the new.

The TommyBell The TommyBell

Stand out with the first mobile fitness device.

Studio F. A. Porsche - TOMMYBELL - AI Fitness Device

Frequently asked questions:

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What is the TommyBell?

The TOMMYBELL is The Future of Fitness.

The TOMMYBELL is a Mobile Fitness Device that allows you to be connected anywhere/anytime.

The TOMMYBELL improves both your aerobic & anaerobic physical capacity while burning the most calories in the least amount of time. The TommyBell is the first and only designed & patented, three piece AI Smart Kettle Bell Fitness Device that replaces the standard Kettle Bell- that also works with fitness devices.

Who created the TommyBell?

The TommyBell was invented and created by Tommy Tank (Tommy Tank Fitness).

From conception to manufacturing the exclusive TommyBell collaboration with PORSCHE Design (Studio F.A. Porsche) is a one in a lifetime.

What size/weights does the TommyBell come in?

The TommyBell comes in 6 different weights. Products range from 6kg/13.2lb to 20kg/44lb.

The exact weight options of the TommyBell are:

• 6kg/13