The TommyBell and the Lean & Clean Pea Protein Powder was created by Tommy Tank (Tommy Tank Fitness). The TommyBell is the first and only designed & patented, three piece AI Smart Kettle Bell Fitness Device that replaces the standard Kettle Bell- that also works with fitness devices. Our Lean & Clean Pea Protein Powder is a vitamin/mineral nutritional dietary supplement meal. 100% plant based, vegan, non GMO, gluten free, zero sugar, and dairy free.

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Tommy is the Founder of The Tommybell and also the Lean & Clean Nutritional Brands. He is a Kettlebell Master that currently still trains at all level demographics. He is Fitness Brand Ambassador, Fit Model, SAG Member, and is a Contributor to TRAIN Men’s & Women’s Fitness Magazine in the U.K. Tommy currently is living in LA. At 62 Tommy is following his Passion, Dreams, & Mantra “You have one body own it.”  

Company Structure:

We have an Exclusive Agreement with Studio F.A. Porsche on the Design of The TommyBell.

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Tommy Tank

Tommy Tank Fitness can get you to your goals- with improved fitness, a better quality of life, and total fulfillment each and every day. The Goal and Mission is to help educate and train his fellow Baby boomers on Nutrition & Fitness.

Seems simple enough but far too many in this Demographic are falling short of these what seam simple goals.

Fitness & Nutrition

The main Platform is thru Fitness and Nutrition. This Space is very crowded with misleading and false information dominated by the Drug Companies, Food Companies, and Quick Fix methods that promise to heal, improve health, lose weight, and improve your quality of life.

The only proven and documented way to do this that are long Term are thru Regular Fitness and Nutrition. Tommy will provide the road map to get you there. If you are looking for a quick fix this is not what will last long term and what will give you the maximum benefits for Life.