EAT This vs That Replace these 7 foods

Are you eating these wrong foods?

I see it happen all the time…fat loss results that are trashed by eating the wrong foods. Please don’t let this be you. You exercise hard but can’t seem to see any results. Keep your goals attainable by avoiding these 7 foods:

1) Don’t Eat: White Pasta

White pasta will never be OK to eat when your goal is to look fit. Sorry, it’s filled with way too many simple carbs. These plentiful carbs have one singular goal: to be stored on your body as fat.

Eat This: My favorite Field Day Organic Fusilli

Try this Fusilli made with Brown Rice & Quinoa, one cup boiled for 10 min and add ½ cup of Daiya dairy-free Cheddar Cheese. If you want to add a little more Protein add 3 oz of Smoked Salmon. FYI, my 18-year-old from WI had no idea it was a Vegan Mac & Cheese!!  

2) Don’t Eat: Store Bought Salad Dressing

The nutritional benefit of your salad is all but undone by the questionable ingredients in store bought salad dressing. From trans fats to preservatives, store bought salad dressing is a landfill of unnatural ingredients that are best avoided.

Eat This: Organic Dijon Mustard  

A Tablespoon or two of Mustard its very low in Calories and relatively low in sodium

3) Don’t Eat: Packaged Granola Bars

Packaged bars have one thing going for them—the convenience factor. This convenience comes at a price, as each packaged bar contains more preservatives, carbs, calories and sugars than you should be eating.

Eat This: Raw Nuts or fruit for the road

When you need a quick, energizing snack look no further than a handful of raw nuts. This is a great way to cut down on the sugar and other harmful additives in granola bars while still enjoying a convenient energy boost. I usually have a baggie in my car glove box when I’m stuck on the 405!

4) Don’t Drink: Blended Coffee Drinks

Coffee chains have made it socially acceptable to sip on a large, blended coffee drink topped with whipped cream, anytime and anyplace. Unfortunately, your body is going to respond to all that sugar in the only way that it knows how…by storing it as fat. These blended drinks are extremely addictive, so it’s best to avoid them completely.

Drink This: Unsweetened Iced Tea, Cold Brew Coffee, or a Lean & Clean Shake

The whole idea behind blended coffee drinks is to quench your thirst, but there are more fitness-friendly ways to do so. Cold Brew Black coffee or even half Cold Brew / half Mocha cold brew (about 12g sugar for 8 oz) Serve over ice and sweeten with a sprinkle of Stevia if needed. Make a quick Lean & Clean for the road with fruit is a healthier choice

5) Don’t Eat: Fast Food Breakfast Sandwiches

The drive thru may be calling you, especially when you’ve left for work in such a hurry that you forgot to eat breakfast, but don’t give in. Fast food breakfast sandwiches are filled with loads of preservatives, trans fats and questionable ingredients. Not to mention these little breakfast bombs contain more calories and fat than you need in the morning.

Eat This: Lean & Clean Pea Plant Based Protein Shake

 In a quicker time than sitting in line at the drive thru and 10 X Healthier, blend yourself a Lean & Clean with ½ Banana & cup of strawberries. You’ll get 9g Fiber, 15G Protein, and only about 245 Calories to start your day. Option see answer to #3

6) Don’t Eat: Flavored Yogurt

Little cups of fruit-flavored yogurts are often marketed as the next best weight loss secret, but you know better. These ultra-sweet concoctions are filled with sugars, corn syrup and preservatives, which will derail your fitness results and send you on a sugar high.

Eat This: Plain Greek Yogurt with Fruit or Oats to go with Almond Milk, my fav is MUSH Vanilla Bean

Plain Greek yogurt has more protein and far less sugar than the cute little fruit-flavored yogurt cups. MUSH Vanilla Bean cups have 5g Fiber and 6g Protein with 10g of sugar

7) Don’t Eat: Potato Chips

Around three o’clock in the afternoon, when that vending machine is calling out your name, remember this fact: Studies suggest that a potato chip habit caused subjects to gain weight even faster than an ice cream habit. This is likely due to all the preservatives, trans fats, empty calories and salt, and how hard it is to each just a few.

Eat This: My go to are Beanitos or Beanfields Chips

Filled with 4g fiber, 5g protein and real food nutrients, this is one crunchy snack that won’t expand your waistline. In saying that there about 130 calories per serving so don’t hammer the whole package. The sodium is also relatively low at 150mg per servings your goal should be to keep the sodium at or around 1500mg per day, so real food is preferred always!   

The quickest and most permanent way to drop fat and feel amazing is through a combination of healthy eating and consistent, challenging workouts.

Tommy Tank is a LA based Fitness Expert, Nutrition Consultant, and Founder/Inventor of The TOMMYBELL & Lean & Clean Nutrition.